How to install insulation for LPG tanks

Jun 30, 2021

During the use of LPG storage tanks, in addition to sealing measures to ensure that the stored material is not contaminated, it is also necessary to ensure that the inside material will not appear local high temperature or carbonization, which requires us to do a good job of insulation measures.

1. Carefully clean up the dirt and putty on the outer surface of the LPG tank, and ensure that the surface is dry.

2. The insulation layer is hung or embedded on the fixed parts from top to bottom, and adheres to the surface of the storage tank.

3. Cross binding and tightening with galvanized iron wire to make the insulation layer close to the storage tank.

4. Stagger the insulation layer vertically and horizontally.

After the insulation layer of the LPG tank is installed, it is recommended to check whether there is water in the tank first, so as to avoid other problems in the future work of the equipment caused by water.

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